The Skill System

Skills are the fundamental action in Simple Dungeons. There are three areas in which you can take Skills. Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity. Each of these archtypal areas can be increased as Characters level up, increasing their odds of success when using them. Characters also have 2 Secondary Stats: Movement, and Defense.

Strength covers everything physical and brute force. If you want to smash down the door, or swing a giant sword, you would Roll Str.

Intelligence covers the mystical energy forces that players can learn to control. If you want to play mind games with an Villager, or bring someone back to life by channeling the naturally occurring energy from the Earth, you Roll Int.

Dexterity is reaction time.  If an arrow flew out the darkness and you tried to dodge, or you want to challenge someone to a sprint, you would Roll Dex

Movement is used to measure the distance you can cover in a set amount of time. If you’re in combat and lugging a suit of armor, or if you get stuck in mud, your movement is going to be reduced.

Defense is an accumulation of how much protection you have. When someone takes a swing at you you compare their attack to your armor.

Each Skill group covers a wide swath of possible actions and all together form a rough estimate of how a Character will perform at any task. When a Character wants to attempt something they will Roll to see how they do. The goal is that no one will spend time wondering which stat to Roll and that everyone can stay immersed in their game.

We believe that to have the best game play flow, you need to reduce the number of game mechanics. That is why Simple Dungeons aims to bring its namesake to every aspect of Table Top for the Ultimate Rules Light Visual Experience. URLiVE for short… no one calls it that.