Simple Items

When we play RPG games we’ve found difficulties pulling in new players because there is nothing to play with. Miniatures help with this by grounding the Players. It gives a physical object to handle and move around.  With Simple Dungeons we want to get players interacting with their environment and holding objects in their hands all the time. By printing and cutting out items players will actually get to play with objects and arrange things in their inventories.

The inventory page isn’t just line items like some other pen and paper RPG’s, it is made of physical slots that you use to move and arrange things. Items have various sizes and shapes that key them in to particular spots. These spots refer to common locations on the body like the head, torso, and feet. There are also spots for Main Hand weapons, Offhand, and Special Items. By cutting out the objects and holding them in your hand they become yours. Now opening chests and getting a reward means the GM is actually handing you a prize.

As the Table Top Miniatures area is concerned we have plans to create a miniatures printed document for some DIY minis. In personal campaigns I have used a technique where you cut out printed minis and glue them to stands. It is considerably cheaper than buying real miniatures and faster since you don’t have to paint them. Future plans include creating entire books of DIY minis to cut out and use in the game.

Money is another big area for getting to handle items. One of the big reasons people like board games in the vein of monopoly is that they get to hand paper currency. Simple Dungeons won’t require paper money, but it will come with templates for you to print and use.

Having an entire game of pre-drawn and painted items is another ambitious goal but we think its worth it.