Writing an RPG

There are many excellent RPG rule systems on the market. Some systems offer very complex and deeply specific statistics that let you simulate your world as close as possible to reality. Others offer simplistic mechanics that leave everything up to the DM. The complex systems often end up with players spending long stretches researching skills or interpreting cryptic rules. Combat in these systems can sometimes take hours to finish up, which is ironic for being minutes of in-game time. The simplistic rule sets can often lead to combat feeling unfair or unbalanced. The simplistic campaigns are usually designed as one off scenarios where characters aren’t even meant to survive the whole session. This is fine for a one off, but what about when you want to keep exploring for multiple sessions?

With Simple Dungeons we wanted to strike a balance between Complex and Simplistic. We have yet to see an RPG that simplifies their game in the same way that we do. Not in a way that makes it too easy, or too dumb, but in a way that streamlines processes and keeps the story moving.

It is an ambitious idea and we plan to find the balance. With Combat we want just the right amount of gritty statistics and narrative. The key for us is that you are never wondering what skill to roll, you just know.

Having entertaining content is also important for the many new players that we intend to bring to Tabletop RPGs. Experienced Game Masters don’t worry about having to write and lead their own campaigns, however it can be daunting for those that have never played before. Our story strikes a balance between serious, world saving action, and funny moments to mix it up.

This system is still open to change. When developing a new rule set it is important to keep an open mind and listen to new ideas. Feedback is crucial to the success of the game and we want to insure that it is play tested and perfected by as many people as possible before launch.

So far it looks like we are making some bold and vague claims about the game. In the near future we are looking to create a Beta Version of the game that we can release for play testing. With that in hand you will be able to see for yourself if it stands up to expectations.  After full release we hope to create a kick starter to fund book production and we would like to create a trial version so that anyone can experience the first couple hours of the game.