Fast, Visual, Role Playing 

What is a Tabletop Game?

Tabletop means you're sitting down with friends and family. You are all together to share an unforgettable experience. It is a chance to practice critical thinking and working together as a team. It is an excuse to come together and try something new.

What is an RPG?

RPG, or Role Playing Game, is the art of making a story as group. Players embody a Character in a fictional world where almost anything is possible. Together you follow a set of ground rules that guide you to discover exciting new lands and meet new people.

Why Simple Dungeons?

Three things, fast, visual, Role Playing. No other Tabletop lets you interact with the game in the hands on way that Simple Dungeons does. No game has as simple & fast rules for combat. Every Character Skill encourages Players to engage and interact.

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Simple Items

Our items are fully interactive. Print and cut out the items that you want to use and attach them to your Character Sheet. There is nothing more satisfying than looting a chest and getting to pick up and hold the treasures!

Simple Adventurer’s Kit

What’s inside?

  • The Core Rule Book includes everything you need to get going. Starting with the quick reference guide, the “Simple Explanation” gets you into the game fast. After that things get gritty. We balance hardcore rules explanation with quick uncomplicated systems. No more wondering how a mechanic works, you are in control.
  • The Lands of Orelia is the first Adventure Book  included with Simple Dungeons. The lands are a place of battle, puzzles, and intrigue. Orelia will keep your Players entertained for many hours as you explore everything from the vast cities of the Dwell to the high cliffs of the Zephon. Everything you need to know is included from exposition and descriptions, to character quests and locations.
  • Hundreds of hand drawn paintings help you bring Simple Dungeons to life. Every item has been drawn and detailed. Every pre-made character comes with an illustrated painting. Even the cities have been illustrated in perspective to help you set the scene for your players. With this many drawings to look at your Players will believe that you had everything planned out from the very beginning, even when you’re flying by the seat of your pants.
  • Dozens of illustrated maps detail Orelia’s many locations. From full city level views to localized battle maps, your Players will be completely immersed in their environments. Follow the “Making your own Minis Guide” to print and cut out our custom creature figures to play with. No longer will your battles be limited to which minis you own, now you can surround your Players with hordes of monsters.

Characters of Orelia

Orelia is a land of conflict and adventure. As you explore these lands you will learn of its people and cultures. Orelia is the land of the Dwell, however it is bordered by many neighbors. Some are friendly and others will present challenges, it is up to you to discover who you can trust.

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